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Expansive Agent
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Expansive Agent

Appearance: white or yellowish powder

Decomposition temperature: 130-190℃ / 130-180

Product has a shape of plastic microcapsules. Microcapsule itself consists of a polymer capsule with a gas composition inside. Plastic shell melts, when heated to the certain temperature. After that, gas inside of the capsule starts swelling and microcapsule volume gets bigger several times.


1. Better thermomechanical performance.

2. Excellent flexibility: thermoplastic shell has excellent pressure resistance, the surface can withstand 300 kg / square centimeter pressure. Good resilience can withstand multiple cycles of pressurization / pressure relief without cracking.

3. Excellent foaming performance: May reach 20 to70times better foaming effect. Has the complete stable structure after the foaming. Foaming effect is much higher than t of traditional foaming agent.

4. Environmental performance: Polymeric microcapsules are non-toxic and non-polluting and can be used as environmentally friendly foaming agent in high-class products and high value-added products.

5.Choice diversity: customer can choose different foaming effect product according to his actual needs.

6. Other use:

Has following advantages if used in PVC air blowing slippers production: less adding amount, can make PVC air blowing slippers very light, small density, so that bubbles in the final product are fine, smooth and well proportioned. After the product achieve final form, its’ surface is bright and glossy and the color is deep and fresh. It doesn't change the color (as other producers expanders), slipper is soft, comfortable and doesnt shrink too much, It is easy to use, add to your formulation, mix to the regular state, control the temperature. It doesnt require changing your technology. The adding amount depends on your productivity and foaming effect concerning chemicals you use. Usually its about 0,3%-2% or 1%-4%.

7.Material composition information

Pure or mixed product: mixed product

Chemical name: Microcapsule foaming expanding agent

Ingredients and composition: acrylonitrile-methacrylonitrile copolymer (encapsulant)

Outer material: > 70%         Core material: 10-30%

Residual monomer: acrylonitrile <0.1% methacrylonitrile <0.1%

CAS Number: 109-66-0


1.What is your Payment term?


2.What is your Trade term?


3.What is the Loading Port?

---Xiamen & GuangZhou

4.Can I get the few sample before place order?

---Yes, we can offer few samples.



6.Regard Transport?

---Order QTY 1-5 KGs, we usually choose DHL as the express company. It is to be noticed that the transporting fee would be paid by buyers and could be refunded if buyers take orders.


3-5 Days

---Order QTY 6-100000 KGs goods, send by sea.

7.How long we will send out goods? 

---Depends on the quantity and the requests of customers.

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